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Is There Any Tree Removal Service Near Me?

Trees are vital for our survival on Earth. Trees provide for us, from keeping the temperature in check to reducing air pollution, preventing floods, giving timber, and providing habitat to various birds and animals. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that we look after the tree’s wellbeing. Hence, Contract City Tree Service is here to help.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the world, nature is the most affected. In addition, global warming, climate change, pests, and multiple other external factors have severely harmed the trees. If we don’t act promptly, the chances are that the lush green sight that we love to devour will go scarce.

Thus, Contract City Tree Service, with our team of expert and well-trained arborists, is dedicated to helping save trees.

Why Do You Need Tree Services in Lakewood, Minnesota?

Several external factors affect trees and their development. Be it a commercial area or a lovingly cultivated tree from your garden, the environment influences all.

Following are some reasons why you need to avail the expertise of Contract City Tree Service.

Pest Control

Pests are deadly and can cause severe damage to trees. The tunnel through stems, branches, and trunks and destroy the natural habitat in various ways. In addition, selective consumption of plant parts is dangerous and, in extreme cases, can render the trunk weak or even hollow.

Water is transported from roots to the top through xylem vessels. It is essential for the normal growth and nutrition of the plant. However, insects lay eggs deep in the wood, obstructing the water in its course.

Pest development can also damage the soil and disturb the healthy, natural biome. Therefore, trees need to be appropriately, regularly monitored to prevent insects. We thoroughly check according to a professionally recommended timeline and administer pesticides and chemicals for pest elimination, if needed.

Important to note that for Contract City Tree Service we use premium quality germicides. They efficiently rid the tree of insects without causing any secondary harm.

Maintenance of Healthy Soil

The condition of soil plays a huge role in determining a tree’s health. While some traditionally practiced domestic techniques are good, professional maintenance of the soil is essential.

Therefore, we offer quality organic matter and technical plowing to ensure that the soil remains fine and provides a healthy bed for trees to grow.

Stump Removal

If your tree has fallen or cut it down, it is vital to remove the stumps. Stumps are the bottom part of a tree that projects from the ground. Since the trunk is thick, strong, and heavy, it is difficult for an ordinary person to detach it from the roots.

If left as is, stumps can lead the plant to decay. They are prone to fungi and mold growth that can damage the roots. It can cause disease in the new trees, but it might as well never grow back.

We use powerful tools to rip the wood. Since this equipment is sharp, it might cause an injury if you try doing it yourself. However, our arborists are trained to use it technically to avoid any damage and get the task done in less time.

Tree Removal

Another unique service we provide is tree removal in Lakewood, Minnesota. Although deforestation is not encouraged due to the shortage of trees, it becomes a necessity at certain times.

Your backyard tree might be at a place where you want to construct something, or your neighborhood trees might be causing a mosquito problem. In short, for various reasons, people choose to cut down trees.

Apart from that, trees are living creatures that age, and after their life period ends, they die. Leaving dead trees is dangerous as they can fall and cause accidents and injuries. They also are a breeding ground for insects and pests.

Therefore, we provide expert tree removal in Lakewood, Minnesota. Our team is experienced and well-trained in climbing heights and using specialized machines. So, we are one of the best prospects for tree removal services.

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Contract City Tree Service is a renowned company of arborists. Over the years of service, we have gained a word-of-mouth reputation. We are dedicated to contributing to nature preservation.

Our arborists have set a benchmark for stump removal, pest control, and tree removal in Lakewood, Minnesota. So, if you want tree services, contact us today!